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We work with couples who love to have fun and want their wedding celebration to be an experience their friends and family will be talking about for years. We take the stress out of planning the perfect party to celebrate your wedding and let you focus on what’s really important - gettin’ down with your favorite people in the entire world! Personable DJ’s, professional equipment, and an unforgettable experience - Austin Classic DJ is Central Texas’ premier choice for wedding entertainment!



We admit it. We LOVE wedding receptions! But, we also know that some really important stuff has to happen before we get to the party. Your ceremony isn’t just another part of the day, it’s the entire reason that you’re bringing together so many people. The ceremony is what we’re celebrating. The ceremony IS what the day is all about. Because the ceremony is so important to you, it is also important to us. That’s why we include ceremony coverage in every package we offer. You will never have to pay extra to have a microphone for your officiant and music for your ceremony.


If there’s a song you want to hear, we would love to play it for you. We want the music played on your wedding day to be a reflection of who you are so we gladly welcome your input and requests. Based on your suggestions, we will do our best to build the perfect custom playlist for your wedding day. Considering the huge music library we work with, chances are we already have the songs you want. In the off chance that we don’t, we will gladly find it. Are there certain ethnic songs that will make your wedding perfect and get your guests on the dance floor? We would love to play those, as well.


We understand that there are a lot of things that have to happen throughout your wedding day. We do our best to keep you on track and on time, ensuring that all of you planned events take place and fit well into the flow of the evening. We also ensure that your photographers are present and ready for all events to make sure that all the silliness that occurs is forever memorialized.


“Our DJ went out of his way to make everything perfect!”

Brandee  |  Bride

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Trust us…you want to talk to us before choosing your DJ!

So, this is where we’re honest for a few minutes. You could ask your uncle to run the sound at your wedding using an iPad and the sound system provided at the venue. You could put your reception in the hands of your frat brother (yes…the crazy one) because he owns some big speakers. But, putting together the perfect wedding experience is more than just playing songs or just having big speakers. To make your evening unforgettable, you need someone who is committed to having a great time…but also committed to being professional and providing you with a level of service that surpasses your expectations. Whether it’s making announcements throughout the evening or picking just the right song at just the right time or telling that one guest that we will not play the vulgar rap song they keep requesting because there are children and grandparents present…Austin Classic DJ guarantees that your wedding reception will be a professional, fun, and memorable evening for all of your guests. Who knows? You might even get to take a turn behind the DJ table yourself!

Here’s something you already know: your wedding is a big deal! But, if you already know that, why are we telling you again? Because it’s important that we understand that, too. Austin Classic DJ strives to make your wedding experience fun, professional, and unique.

We look forward to hearing from you! Drop us a line and see how we can make your wedding experience unforgettable!


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