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Tony Smith

Owner, DJ

“I have spent my entire life involved in music. From a very young age, I was playing various instruments and singing. One of my favorite possessions in a cassette tape that my mom made when I was two or three of the two of us singing together while she was working around the house. It always reminds me of just how important music is in family and how much it brings us together. Today, I love being a wedding DJ because I get to spend my weekends celebrating through music and dance with awesome couples on the happiest day of their lives!

There’s so much more to a wedding day than just saying ‘I do’ and eating cake (although the cake part is really important). Brides and grooms have thought for years about how they want to celebrate their wedding with their closest friends and family and I get excited every time I get the chance to help make those dreams become a reality. I love a great party!”


Tim Guinn


“I have been a DJ for Austin Classic DJ for three years. Basically, my job is to play music that people love and then watch them have a great time celebrating. What an awesome job! I love being a part of wedding celebrations and doing everything I can to make the day go as smoothly as possible. There are a thousand little things that brides and grooms may not think about before their big day. But, because I do this 50 times a year, I can offer my experience and expertise to make their day better. It’s so cool when I get the opportunity to help a couple plan the wedding reception of their dreams and then I get to be there and be a part of the celebration and see everything come together!”

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